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Friday, 17 August 2012

French music night on Roots and Shoots Monday 13th August

After a trip to France and a visit to Le Grand Bal d'Europe at St.Gervais d'Auverne I came away inspired by the French roots dance music I saw and heard there. So Monday's show was almost entirely music of a French nature, mostly by French bands.
Pictured: Dancers at Le Grand Bal d'Europe.
Martin Henning

The tracks played were as follows:
Brotto Lopez..Dejol Pont De Leon..Le Bal  
Pain d'Epices..L'Ecolier Assasisn..Équilibruiste
Brume (Scottish Impaire - Instr.)..Corinne Renaud, Catherine Grimault, Eric Thézé & Gérard Gordon Brume
Fred Combo..Drôle De Valse..Obsession  
Tend'm..Indiférrence..Une Musique Trad-urbaine En Centre France  
Penngollo..Pevar Hent..A Bep Tu  
Yann Tiersen..Ukulélé Man..Yann Tiersen On Tour (Live 2006)
Duo Thébout..BB..Le Pingouin Ivre
La Machine..Track 02..La Machine  
Sous Le Pont..C'est Fini - Valse 8 T..Sous Le Pont
Malicorne.Couché Tard, Levé Matin..Quintessence
Brume (Scottish Impaire - Vocal )..Corinne Renaud, Catherine Grimault, Eric Thézé & Gérard Gordon Brume
Hamon Martin Quintet..La Nousille..Les Métamorphoses  
Boréale..Aux Pieds De l'Alerte (Kost Ar C'hoad).. Mousson  
Bal O' Gadjo..Autococek..En Route
Karma..Kinawa ..Mouvements  
Startijenn..Pak (Tour)..Startijenn
Roland Becker..Tachenn Glas..Immrama  
Tevens..Ridée 6 Temps..Rhuys
David Pasquet..B.I.E.N..Sa Différence  
Spontus..Ronds De Saint-Vincent..Spontus 3  
Swing Gadj ..Ami Du Voyage..La 13ème Tribu  
Stéphane Delicq..Vivre (Valse A 5 Temps)..La Compagnie Des Anges 
Mousaka ..Laridee 8 Temps ..Ca S'Bouffe Pas, Ca S'Danse  
Pevar Den..Pilé-Menu..Pad An Noz Traditional 
Kepa Junkera & Melonious Quartet..Bok Espok..Songlines CD #82 (March 2012)  
Plantec..En Egor..A - Raok  
Cosmic Drone..Brasero..Cosmic Drone French

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  1. Thanks Mike for emailing in to the studio. Glad you liked the show.
    All the best and keep listening, Martin Henning