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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Griselda Sanderson

Griselda Sanderson was our special guest on this week's rootsandshoots (Monday 24 September). This too was my farewell from the Phonic FM show and my chance to express my gratitude and say farewell to many people including my colleague Martin Henning, other fellow presenters, all the guests who have been on the show up to now and, of course, listeners. Once again, many, many thanks to you all. Enjoy rootsandshoots with Martin Henning and guests from now on.
Listen to the show here.    Also video by Cecil Hatfield here.
Martin Hodge
Pictures by  Cecil Hatfield with thanks.

Griselda Sanderson gave us a delicious Swedish Polska tune on her amazing nyckelharpa, the instrument you see in the pictures here. The nyckelharpa is a Swedish bowed, keyed fiddle with sympathetic strings. 

Gris talked too about an exciting new agency she has set up to promote and support folk and world music acts based in South West England. Do check it out - it's a really worthwhile venture that starts with the recognition that in the south-west we have some top rate musicians from a wide range of cultures. Full details from Waulk Music.

Gris played two tracks, each from fellow artists represented by Waulk Music Agency: Amadou Diagne (track: Yakka - traditional Senegalese) and Tamaraneh (track: Pangamo).

Lovely to have you on the show, Gris!
Other recordings played 
Spinach For Norman..Exe Hornpipe..Ready To Start Again
Rosa Rebecka..Night Song..Songs For Mrs Beautiful
The Quantic Soul Orchestra..Regi Bugalú (Bugalú)..Tropidélico
Liya Ag Ablil, Nadia Nid El Mourid, Abdallah Ag Ahmed, Mathias Vaguenez, Sanou Ag Ahmed, Yamina Nid El Mourid & Terakaft Kel..Awa Adounia..Tamasheq (Deluxe Edition)
The Unthanks..Lucky Gilchrist..Here's The Tender Coming
Marilyn Tucker & Paul Wilson..The Mermaid..On The Tide
Eric Ness..Problems, Blah Blah Blah
Lau..Salty Boys..Arc Light
Tangongo..Untitled..The Tango Club Night Vol. 2
Julaba Kunda..Working Song..Traders
Roberto Rodriguez..Timba Talmud..Timba Talmud
Mariachi El Bronx..Mariachi El Bronx..Mariachi El Bronx (II)
Suuf..Yarleen..Debbo Hande
Rosa Rebecka..In Praise Of Grey..Songs For Mrs Beautiful
Nick Wyke & Becki Driscoll..The King Of Poland..Beneath The Black Tree
Krar Collective..LDN..London's Calling (Bonus Version)


  1. Thanks for all the fantastic music Martin and arranging the live performances with so many talented local and international musicians. It won't be that same without you! Sad to see the end of an era but privileged to have been a small part of it for a short while.
    Good luck and good health in the future.
    Cecil, the happy (sometimes) snapper!