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Monday, 25 February 2013

South west music and more

I was back unexpectedly for a second week on the trot while Martin Henning was having a musical rehearsal. Today I featured, as well as an eclectic selection of global sounds, information on some festivals coming up soonish in south west England and associated music.
Martin Hodge
 Listen here 

Here's my selection with links to websites by local artists

Sachal Studios Orchestra..Take Five
Stacey Earle & Mark Stuart..A Great Day To File..Dedication
Chartwell Dutiro pictured playing the mbira..Gamura Makaka..Voices Of Ancestors

Reg Meuross..The Boundary Stone..The Drowned and the Damned
The Dartmoor Pixie Band..Waves Of Tory Set..The Pixies Strike Again
Jim Causley..In The Sidings..Dumnonia
Boban & Marco Markovic Orchestra..Cinnamon Girl..Golden Horns
Count To Fire..Battles..Exeter Local Records compilation
Maz Totterdell..Never Say Never..Exeter Local Records compilation
Kristi Stassinopoulou & Stathis Kalyviotis..Mes S' Ena Vathy Lagadi..Froots 42
Moor Reason..My Little Girl
Bobby McFerrin & Yo Yo Ma..Grace
The Little Unsaid..There Go All Our Wide-Eyed Days..Exeter Local Records compilation
The Casitas..Places In Dreams..Exeter Local Records compilation
Sezen Aksu..Aska Sukrederim..Opsum
Pentangle..Lord Franklin..Cruel Sister

Griselda Sanderson..Alpha..Harpaphonics
Picture of Gris Sanderson with nickelharpa 
by Cecil Hatfield

Snakefarm..Johnny..My Halo At Half-Light
Woodford Green..Oh Little Bird

Besh O Drom..Cimbalos....Ha Megfogom Az Ördögöt  - Once I Catch The Devil
Vinicio Caposella..Abbandonato..Rebetika Gymnastas
Phillip Henry & Hannah Martin..Catharsis..Singing The Bones
Zona Marginal..No Mas..The Rough Guide To Urban Latino
JSD Band..Galway Races..For The Record

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