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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Global Trip

Hi all.
Last Monday - 16th July - I came in from the hot into an even hotter studio to play some hot tracks of music from all over the globe. Our trip started in Spain and went to South America to capo Verde to the African mainland, out East as far as Mongolia and back to Eastern Europe and France before returning to the UK and Ireland with a brief soujourne out to Northern America. We get around on Roots and Shoots.
Next time I'm presenting on 29th July, Alice Louise and John Kerry, a brand new hot duo from Devon's western outback will be playing some of their songs in the studio. Don't forget to listen in.

This week I spun the following:

Cumbia Mi Lord..Gadjo..Gadjistan Zizany
Tu Barosa..Kal..KAL
Springtime On Parmir Mountains..The Guo Brothers..Yuan
Mighty Mighty Dollar Bill ..Swamp Dogg..The Excellent Sides of Swamp Dogg, Vol. 2
五个哈萨格(Five Hasages)..杭盖乐队(Hanggai Band)..杭盖(Hanggai)
E Horo..Mary Jane Lamond..Celtic Tides
Mi Le M' Uilinn..Mi Le M' Uilinn..Women Of The World: Celtic II
Ridees 6 Temps..Mousaka..Ca S'Bouffe Pas, Ca S'Danse
Si Verias ..Moishe's Bagel..Uncle Roland's Flying Machine
Yo la Keria (feat. Guy Schalom & Sheik Taha)..Los Desterrados..Dos Amantes
My Walking Stick..Golden Gate Quartet.. The Human Orchestra
Kirma Gönül Sisenini ..Ali Ekber Cicek..Turquie Asik - Chants d'amour et de sagesse d'Anatolie (Turkey Asik - Anatolian Songs of Love and Wisdom)
Hot Flush..Skatalites..Walk With Me
Estren/Belong To Be..Dalla..K5
Night Song..Rosa Rebecka.. Songs For Mrs Beautiful
Gracias..Vince Mendoza.
Ribrena..Leo Portela..Ribrena
Wagadou..Bassoukou Koyata & Ngoni Ba.
Dirt Dishing Baby..Five Jinks..The4 Human Orchestra
Alice Louise & John Kerry..Soundcloud
Aligator Swing..Chimney Down..Organic Mechanic

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