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Monday, 18 February 2008

First Play List: Roots and Shoots today 10am-12

Hope you enjoyed today's show. This is what we played:


(Signature tune) Spinach for Norman, Hopping Up Haytor, Ready to Start Again.
The band (from L to R, Ben van Weede, Martin Henning, Joel Segal & Howard Harrison) are pictured here.

Habib Koité, Nta Dima, Afriki
Ojos de Brujo, Tiempo de Solea, Bari

Beirut, A Sunday Smile / Guyamas Sonora, The Flying Club
Gogol Bordello, Supertheory of Super Everything, Super Taranta!
Luka Bloom, You Couldn’t Have Come At A Better Time, Bringing It All Back Home
Everly Brothers, Don’t Let Our Love Die, Bringing It All Back Home
Last Night’s Fun, Roseville Fair, Live From The Mac
Samite, Wasuze Otya?, Music From The Coffee Lands

Césaria Evora, Nho Antone Escaderode, Café Atlantico
Tim van Eyken, Barleycorn, Stiffs Lovers Holymen Thieves
Maire Ni Chathasaigh & Chris Newman, The Graf Spey, Out Of Court
Besh O Drom, Kecskés, Macsó Himzés
Nigel Kennedy & The Kroke Band, Kukush, East Meets West
Ancient Beatbox & Sheila Chandra, Raining, Hootenanny
Panacea, Survival, Panacea

Lhasa, De Cara A La Pared, Latinas: Women Of Latin America
Celina Gonzaléz, Guajira, Linda, Latinas: Women Of Latin America
Eddie Palmieri, Ven Ven, Eddie Palmieri
Oscar Sulley & the Uhuri Dance Band, Bukom Mashie, Sound Affects Malmaisa
Richard Bono, Reverence, Reverence
Beausoleil, L’Ouragon, Our New Orleans 2005
Le Mystère des Vois Bulgares, Polegnala E Todora, Le Mystère des Vois Bulgares Vol 1
Söndörgő, Teraj Kume, Oj Javore

BIG THANKS to Rich Cooke for helping out and playing a couple of tracks on today's show

The next rootsandshoots is on Monday 25 February 10am - 12 noon

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