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Sunday, 10 February 2008

Presenter Martin Hodge

The presenter of the first 2 rootsandshoots progs is MARTIN HODGE

Martin writes:

I know there's no point in having regrets about what we've done but I do sometimes wish that, way back in the 60s when I was embarking on a teaching career, I'd instead gone off for an adventure on one of the new pirate radio ships like Radio Caroline. It was a breath of fresh air when Caroline began its revolutionary alternative to what was then a stodgy BBC light entertainment channel. But it wasn't smiley, have-a-nice-day DJs like Tony Bl****** that I admired. If I model my radio style on anyone, it's presenters like John Peel and later Andy Kershaw, who play the music they have a great passion for and give authorative info about the folk who make the music.

One of my passions is roots-based music from around the world, generally performed by musicians and singers who have an understanding and appreciation of what has gone before and are not afraid to experiment, bringing in elements of different types of music genres they enjoy. So I listen out for enjoyment, excitement, passion and soul. I hope you enjoy my first selection next Monday morning (Where else can you hear roots/folk/world music on Monday morning?). There will be music from all over the world and Devon too - there's some great music around here. I can't wait! Do join me.

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