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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Happy Birthday to Phonic

Phonic FM is 2 years old and rootsandshoots has been on Phonic EVERY Monday evening!
Enjoy and support the Phonic FM Birthday Bash this Saturday.
Details here.   

Tracks played on Monday 15 Feb were:
Dave Wood..Long Distance Love..Into the Light
Matt Norman..Mystery Jig / Moll In The Wad..Eight Days Light
Hoover The Dog..Swamp Fever..Distempo
Emil Cantedt..Polska..The Nyckleharpa
Donal Lunny..April the 3rd
Dolores Keane with Mick Hanly..My Love Is In America
Angel Brothers..Empty Chair..Angel Brothers
Celtech..Double Dutch..Celtech
Storvan..Ar Biniou..An Deiziou Kaer
Les Negresses Vertes..Orane..Mlah
Fatima Spar Und Die Freedom Fries..My Little Someone..Trust
Gadjologie..Blessed Relief..Gadjologie
Hi-Fi World Of Chinese Music: Erhu..#2
Blue Asia..Kun-Nu-Shu..fRoots 34
Mbilia Bel..Lisanga Bambanda..Bel Canto - Best Of The Genidia Years
The Tango Band..It's The Money That Matters..Last Tango In Powys
Poisson Rouge..track from demo
Wren Music..Birjina Gaztettobat Zegoen / Personent Hodie Medley..Midwinter
Peter Bellamy..Barbaree..Both Sides Then
Municipale Balcanica..Artigiana..Road To Damascus
Earl Zinger + Oi Va Voi..Gypsy..Laughter Through Tears
Esma Redzepova & Usnija Jasarova..Sao Roma..Mon Histoire
Taksim Trio..Gule Yel Degdi..Taksim Trio
Pendragon..Israeli Set..Continental Drift
Sandy Lopicic Orchestrar..Balkea..Balkea
Bert Jansch..Weeping Willow Blues..Legend

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