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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Music from around the world...

...including Devon, of course. This is what we usually play -  though admittedly there are certain countries that we have yet to feature. It's true that we don't play a great deal of Asian music - just because we don't have that much in our collections. So, it was good that both of us this week remedied this a bit by featuring Japanese and Chinese music. We'll do our best to widen our sphere of music even more. Promise!
So, on Monday 8 February Martin and Martin played...

Celtech..Multi Culture..Celtech
Angel Brothers..Days Like Diamonds..Forbidden Fruit
June Tabor..While Gamekeepers Lie Sleeping..Always
Chris Wood & Andy Cutting..Roseville Fair..Albion
Oi Va Voi..Od Yeshoma..Laughter Through Tears
Fatima Spar Und Die Freedom Fries..Kizilciklar Oldu Mu..Zirzop
Mariza..Que Deus Me Perdoe..Fado Em Mim
Sixto Silgado..Merengue Faroto..Rough Guide To Colombia
Tango Band..People Are Strange..Sweet Knedlik
Benzaiten..Osawa Kitajima..Benzaiten
Rebecca Worthley..Rainy Day..Morning Comes To Those Who Wait
Wan Xiao Nan..Liang Zhu..Guzheng
Erkan Dedeoglu..Hicaz Pesrev..A Night In Istanbul
Maurice El Medioni & Roberto Rodriguez..Rai Rock Rumba..North African Cafe
Spiro..The Darkling Plains..Lightbox
Show Of Hands..Arrogance Ignorance & Greed..Arrogance Ignorance & Greed
Hamon Martin..Les Dreys De Lits..Metamorphoses
Vananda Lovely Boys..Siyabamba Ngetango..African Renaissance
D J Mujava..Mugwanti..Ayobaness! The Sound Of African House
The Mamaku Project..Ascain..Karekare
Muzsikas..Forgacskuti Legenyes..Bartok Album
Taraf De Haidouks..Tiganeascu (Gypsy Dance)..Honourable Brigands, Magic Horses & Evil Eye
Macmaster/Hay..Rinn Mi Moch..fRoots 34
Gotan Project..Arrabel..Lunatica
E.S.T...Well Wisher..7 Days Of Trepidation

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