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Monday, 22 March 2010

All's well that ends well

My good friend and colleague Martin had to go to a rehearsal at 7pm tonight. So, there I was, all on my tod, for most of the second half of the show. Everything was going well. Then, 15 minutes before the end, there was a "slight technical problem" which I didn't deal with terribly well - and I felt annoyed with myself. But then things turned around as - almost instantly - words of reassurance came to me by email from regular listener Ozgur and, as the show came to a (successful!) close, Mick from near Exeter phoned to say how much he loves listening to rootsandshoots. Thanks so much, Mick and Ozgur!!
Martin Hodge

Martin Henning's selection:
Salif Keita..Yambo..M'Bemba
Gigi..Bale Washintu..Gigi
The Mamaku Project..Cirque Part 2..Karekare
Crosby Stills & Nash..Wooden Ships..Crosby Stills & Nash
It's A Beautiful Day..White Bird..It's A Beautiful Day
Compagnie Giulia pictured..Canarios/Mui Grandes Noche Y Dia..Compagnie Giulia
Daughters Of Elvin..Ognor Mi Trovo..Galdrbok
La Lionatta..Papa Deme La Bela..Danze E Ballate Dell'Area Celtica Italiana
Orient Beats..Rhythmic Composition 3..A Night In Istanbul

Martin Hodge played:
Gogol Bordello..Ultimate..Super Taranta!
Joel Rubin Jewish Music Ensemble..Gershfeld's Bulgarish..Beregovski's Khasene
Kirsty McGee..Bonecrusher..The Kansas Sessions
Anibal Velasquez..Mambo Loco..Mambo Loco
Mariza..Terra D'Agua..Fado Em Mim
Orchestra Baobab..Ndeleng Ndeleng..Sound Of The World: Beyond The Horizon
The last 2 tracks played in honour and remembrance of the great broadcaster Charlie Gillett
The Walpot Brothers..Dew On The Grass..Butterfly Wings
Roy Bailey..Red And Green + Ceasefire..Coda
Mawkin: Causley..Cookie Monster..Cold Ruin
Show Of Hands..Evolution..Arrogance, Ignorance & Greed
Nic Jones..Planxty Davis
Jim Moray..Leaving Australia..Low Culture
The Waifs..Since I've Been Around..A Brief History Of The Waifs (Live)

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