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Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Monday 20 September 2010

Martin Henning was alone this week.
I played the following:
Moroccan Spirit..Derviche..Moroccan Spirit
El Tanbura..Sar A Lay..North African Cafe
Selim Sesler..Cripple's Air & Pebbly Paths Of Mucha..Selim Sesler
Sr Mandril..Reino De La Luna..Sr Mandril
Stanley Clarke Band..Labyrinth..Stanley Clarke Band
Melonious Quartet..Habenera Casalinga..Planetes Musiques
Digitacoya..De Trampa..Tango Fusion Club
Bollywood Bass..Mystic Whomp..Bollywood Bass
Forty Thieves Orkestrar..The Man Who Drinks..Electric Gypsyland 1
Taraf Gouamas..A Ya Bibi..Planetes Musiques
Romica Puceanu & The Gore Brothers..Doi TavarasiAm La Drum..Sounds From A Bygone Age
Zelwer..The Fiancees Dream..Electric Gypsyland 2
Compagnie Giulia..Al Alva Venid..Compagnie Giulia
Daughters Of Elvin..De La Grant Joie d'Amours..Galdrbok
Electric Light Orchestra..The Diary Of Horace Whimp..The Best Of E.L.O.
Shedloads Of Love..You Don't Miss Your Water..Love And Affection
Lazy..Station Blues..Too Little Too Late
Monkey Gland Blues Bad..Waste A Little Time..Demo
Dalla..Turning The Tide..Cribbar
Andy Clarke..Back Among The Mermaids..Gather To My Side
Daily Planet..The Lochs Of Dread/Cooley's Reel..The Big Scoop
Wig A Wag..Paskou..Wig A Wag
The Guo Brothers & Shun Tian..Fishing By Lamplight..Yuan

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