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Thursday, 9 September 2010

On Monday we are delighted to welcome the local trio Count To Fire to the Phonic FM studio. They have been getting accolades for their music from both sides of the pond:
“For such a ‘young’ band, Count To Fire show exceptional maturity in both their sound and lyrics.”
“One of the most impressive things about Count To Fire is that while most of their influences come from across the pond they don’t go out of their way to sound American like so many of their other British alt-country counterparts.”
“Will Odgers has a gorgeous, reflective voice like Bon Iver, and the songs are similarly evocative. Spare musicianship never overplays its hand, using a rare economy that carries the full emotional spectrum. A band who need bringing into the spotlight.”
John Earls, Channel 4.
“They sounded good because they are good.”
DJ Lee Rawlings after Count To Fire played live on his Spitting Feathers show.
Producer Colin Cripps rated the trio so highly that he invited them over to his studio in Canada, where their new album In Another Life was recorded. It was released on 6 September. You can hear tracks on
Catch Count To Fire live on Roots and Shoots on Phonic FM between 6 and 8pm on Monday 13 September.
Not to be missed.

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