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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Phillip Henry: musician extraordinaire on Roots and Shoots

On Monday 4 October Phillip Henry will be performing live for Roots and Shoots in the Phonic FM studio. There's a lot of good, innovative music around these days by young performers. But occasionally a musician comes on the scene who has something quite special. And Phil is really special: an exceptionally talented, inventive and extraordinarily sensitive music master who put his everything into his craft. Yet Phil remains exceptionally modest and only moves into the spotlight when he has an offering that will leave his audience spellbound.

With every instrument that Phillip Henry plays he gets the best and then a bit more out of it. He is a virtuoso of, amongst other instruments, dobro, lap steel and harmonica. And he's studied with the very best in Britain, the States and India. His songs and tunes range from his arrangements of traditional melodies from Britain and elsewhere to foot stomping boogy numbers to his own fresh innovative compositions. And he's a fine singer too.

It is with typical understatement and modesty that Phillip Henry is launching his new album Live in the Living Room in one of the most intimate venues in Exeter rather than a big auditorium. Listen into Roots and Shoots to find out where and when. If we spread the information too widely, you will definitely not all get in.

Phil's performance with the exhilarating, first-rate local band The Roots Union at the recent Acoustica Festival at Exeter Phoenix was one of the high points of the weekend. For a while, the band members are concentrating on solo and smaller group projects. Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin will be showcasing their extraordinary talents as a duo.

We expect Phillip Henry, accompanied by Hannah, to be playing music from his new album Live In The Living Room when they appear on Phonic FM's Roots and Shoots. If you're planning to drive while listening, pull over. If you're in your living room, prepare to boogie.

Roots and Shoots on Phonic FM on Monday 4 October, 18:00 - 20:00 UK time.

Text and photo (Phil & Hannah at Sidmouth Summer 2010) by Martin Hodge

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